St. Bridget’s Second Annual Stew & Brew - Friday, October 7

St. Bridget’s second annual Stew & Brew is taking place Friday, October 7. 

To make this fun and important event successful, we need many hands to help out.  Could you please forward the link below to the Stew & Brew Sign Up Genius to all in your respective groups?  Though the event is from 5pm -10pm, there are different volunteer slots, some starting at 9 am (stirrers of the stew) through the end of the evening (clean up).  All are only one hour slots so feel free to encourage multiple hours of volunteering if anyone is so disposed.  We pulled it off last year with a true skeleton crew but we hope we can have a better crew of helpers this year. 

 The purpose of this event is to serve as an outreach event to our neighbors and friends in and outside of our parish as well as raising money for Little Sisters, St. Vincent’s and East End Pregnancy Center.

 Thank you for passing this info on!

 God bless,

 Amanda Keller