Becky Yates

It was announced at Masses this past weekend that Becky Yates has passed. 

As many of you know, Becky and Dan were such good hosts for our SBMMFF Christmas gatherings over many years, and loved the socializing, dining, and singing together to celebrate! 

Becky’s funeral will be at St. Mary’s Church, but no schedule has been announced as of yet.

John spoke to Dan briefly today to see how he was doing - as best as can be expected. 

Charlie has arranged for Becky to be remembered at the 8:00 am Mass on Saturday June 2nd at St. Bridget.

If you can, please plan to attend the 8:00 am Mass on 6/2 following our regularly scheduled meeting that day to honor Becky.

Thanks Charlie, John, Wayne, Mike and everyone else who emailed info about Becky.