Invitation to Further Ministry

Email from Donna, the Director of Faith Formation at St. Bridget

Dear Charlie,

As the ball gets rolling on our pre-K through 5 religious education program, youth ministry, and RCIA, we are going to need volunteer help. I am particularly looking right now for persons willing to assist as catechists in our pre-k through 5 program or willing to serve as part of our RCIA team.

People in the Men’s Ministry  have a deep love of their faith. We need people with that love who also enjoy working with children to be willing to step forward to help educate the next generation. For those who are better with adults, we need service on our RCIA team.

I am inviting the members of your Men’s ministry group to consider these two ministries. Please make my request known to the members of your group and please pass on my e-mail contact information for those interested. It would be nice to have as quick a response as possible, but I realize that schedules do not always permit it. We would be most grateful for the help on the faith formation team. We will provide any necessary training. People should not desist from helping because they feel unqualified. They are much more qualified than many others!