June 15 Sing with the Saints and Sinners


For a number of years now, "The Gentlemen of St. Bridget" have been invited to perform with song, with Allen Bean's accompaniment, for the annual "spring into summer" dinner event for St. Bridget's Saints and Sinners senior group. We've been invited to do so again this year.

This is casual, fun, and easy. We have but one brief practice/rehearsal at the event itself, it this year being Friday, June 15. 

Please accept my invitation to join us on the 15th! I won't pressure you to join the "Gentlemen" on any sort of permanent basis (though we would, of course, welcome  you!). We do have six men from our group committed to sing on the 15th and we would just be thrilled for you to join us that evening. What I can assure you:

The seniors appreciate, and enjoy, this tremendously. They keep asking us back!

Allen mixes a fun repertoire of summertime fun, patriotic, old show tunes, and other songs to make for a fun and splendid performance. One 20 minute warm up is all we'll need! Individual music binders will be there ready for us to use.


We're fed a delicious dinner before we sneak off to rehearse, then return to perform. The seniors will stand and join us in song in God Bless America to end the performance. You will enjoy this very much.


While the event's social hour begins at 5:00, the delicious home made dinner usually is not underway until between 5:30 - 5:45. We'll sneak out to the choir room a bit after 6:00 for our rehearsal. The entire evening wraps up by about 7:00 or 7:15.


Monsignor and Fr. Christian will likely attend also, they joining in and adding to the joviality. Anywhere from 35 - 50 seniors attend every year.


You are guaranteed casual fun and tremendous goodwill.


Won't you please join us? The more the merrier and candidly, you guys will help us raise even higher the profile of St. Bridget's Men's Ministry. We know that's important! Kindly let me know your intentions to join us on the 15th at wayneslough@verizon.net

Thank you for your consideration. Hope to see you 6/15!

Wayne S