Gentlemen of St. Bridget Sing at the 4th of July Mass

The Gentlemen of St. Bridget will sing at the 9:00 AM liturgy Saturday, July 4, @ St. Bridget. Rick Witty will fearlessly serve as cantor and join us when he is not at the ambo.

Allen has asked that we arrive by 8:30 that morning for a brief warm up and practice.

James River Brass will be accompanying Allen on our organ.

For our dress, please wear our traditional blue blazer, white shirt, red tie and gray slacks.

If you will be so kind, please email Wayne Slough at with your intentions to participate on the 4th.

Hoping you will join us. Hard to top this combination of worship and patriotism, love of God and love of country!

Here's a link to the event entry.